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10.5 Cents of land with all-round wall and gate.

3 Lakhs/ Cent Lakhs

Property ID: 4575

കരിംപാടത്തു DD സഭ ഹൈ സ്കൂളിനു കിഴക്കു വശം 10 1/2 സെന്റ് ഭൂമി വിൽപനക്ക്. ചുറ്റും മതിലും 12 അടി വീതി ഉള്ള ഗേറ്റും ഉണ്ട്.

സർവേ നമ്പർ 750/15. മണത്തറ ജയ്സൻ. 8447880180

Whatsapp നമ്പർ 7306735589. വില: സെന്റിന് 3 ലക്ഷം

കരിംപാടം അംഗൻവാടി സമീപം. അംഗൻവാടിയുടെ പടിഞ്ഞാറെ വശം.

10.5 Cents of land with all-round wall and gate, with access from public road on Survey Number 751/1. The 10.5  cents of land can be separated into two plots of 4 and 5 cents with one cent of land allocated for access to the inner 4 cents of land. The land has recently been cleared of major wild growth and is fully developed for occupation.

The land is within 30 metres to the east of Sree Valleeswari Temple and DD Sabha High School and within 10 metres south of Karimpadam Anganwadi.

The school is reportedly likely to be  upgraded to a Plus 2 school in the future.

The proposal sent by Chendamangalam Panchayat Office for building drainage canal and road in the Public Road ( Initially limited to land in Survey Number 751/1 only) had received Administrative Sanction. Prior to implementation the Project got converted to a road project to Karimpadam Anganwadi, leaving about 20 metres of the Public Road (at the southern end of land in Sy: No:751/1), not developed, which gives access to my plot. With the blessings of Almighty, pursuit by Karimpadam Member and due diligence by LSG authorities, to atone for their fault in not extending the benefit of drainage and road project, especially to descendants of primary contributor to the road (I am the son of Smt KN Omana (Teacher by Profession), whose contributions to the now, so called, Anganwadi Road, has been erroneously overlooked and mistakenly forgotten : Title Deed 35/ 1990, which will be shared with prospective buyers, has details) this part of the public road could also be taken up for development in the future.

My Whatsapp Number is 7306735589 and my email id is [email protected].

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